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Apr. 9th, 2002 @ 11:09 pm another day..another lesson learned
So I am a little frustarated right now. In the last two days my trust has been majorly violated twice. It makes me wonder if I am just a person who people take so lightly that my emotions dont constitute real emotions. Whatever. Just because I am chipper and am not like every other fuckin clone walking this earth that does not make you better than me. Oh and for all of you that throw out that individual bull shit and then act too cool for the world please stop. one day we all eat our words and if you want to eat shit that is fine. Sigh. I am sad that I had to write something so negative but it was necessary for me to remember for future referance.

I pulled a roxie today and deleted almost my whole buddy list. (thanks rox, that idea inspired me) there are too many people on there that give me negative energy every time I talk to them and therefore I just got rid of them. That easy, who knew.

Hmm and now to a happier note. The rest of this week is mad busy but should be mad fun regardless. Come to the take back the night rally tomorrow and to the vagina monologues either Friday or Saturday, you will not be disappointed! I am so proud of the womens issues forum at oakland and all the amazing amazing work the girls have done. Woo hoo!
theres beauty in the break down